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Military Information

Responsibility. Discipline. Leadership. Are these qualities you would like to possess? Then you might be interested in a career in the military. Explore your options below by visiting each site to see which branch best fits your interests. In the military, you can choose from almost all of the same jobs you would find in civilian life. Plus, the military provides high-quality training to get you started. Best of all, even if you decide a military career is not for you, each of the U.S. armed services has generous plans for helping you attend college once you’ve completed your commitment.

U.S.Army –

U.S.Navy –

U.S.Air Force –

U.S.Marine Corps –

U.S.Coast Guard –

LouisianaArmy National Guard –  

         For information, please contact SSG Jeremy Jackson (318) 332-0531

LouisianaAir National Guard –  

Air Force ROTC – and


ASVAB - To make sure you get your best scores on this military entrance exam, the following sites have test preparation and practice information: