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Cell Phone Policy

Don’t waste our time!

no cell phone

Keep your cell phone off and put away!



Violation of board policy results in the following:


  • 1st Offense—Device is returned to the parent at the time he/she signs “Electronic Device Receipt and Return Agreement”
  • 2nd Offense—Device is taken up and kept for 9 (nine) weeks along with 1 (one) day After School or Saturday Detention.
  • 3rd Offense—Device is taken up for 1 (one) Calendar Year along with 3 (three) days Out of School Suspension.

NOTE: Depending on the location, images, or device being used, expulsion could be recommended and device confiscated. The school board shall not be responsible for lost or damaged devices or any service charges that may incur while the device is in its possession.


Use and operation shall mean whenever the electronic device is turned on.

Approved: August, 2004 Revised: May, 2008

North Desoto