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Tardy Policy


NDHS Tardy Policy – In order to maximize instructional time, students are expected to arrive to all classes on time. Tardy students must report to the office when the tardy bell rings.  If a student arrives to class less than five minutes after the tardy bell rings, the student will be considered tardy; more than five minutes is considered skipping, and the student will receive detention. Tardies will accumulate on a per class per semester basis.


1st Tardy—Warning

2nd & 3rd Tardy—Parental Contact by Teacher

4th Tardy—Refer to Administration/Parental Contact

5th Tardy—After School Detention

6th Tardy—Saturday Detention

7th & 8th Tardy—Out of School Suspension (Parent Conference Required)

9th Tardy—Expulsion Recommendation 



**Driving privileges will be revoked for any student who has four morning tardies until that student has served a Saturday Detention. The same will occur with each additional tardy.